Innovation Hall at the Kimmel Center Jazz Residency Workshop

February 10, 2015

Group Size: 70

Number of Groups: 1

Group Age range: 12-16

During the 2015 Jazz residency program at the Kimmel Center, the Elevate team took over innovation hall to teach 70 middle and high school students the core ins and outs of electronic music production. Since the students had backgrounds playing instruments and composition, we were able to dive right in.

Over the course of two hours, students recorded and remixed vocals, laid horn lines, percussion sections (middle school on the bells, high school on the sticks tapping the ground), DJ effects, basic dance music arrangement, crowd vocals and ambient recording, synthesis and most importantly, how to do all of this using our software of choice, Ableton Live.

The energy of the song ‘Party’ created that day captures the vibe of the workshop, high energy and exciting!


The following notes were given to the students as part of our follow up-


HornsQuantized them to maximize impact of unison riff. From 0:31-1:01 rearranged horn stabs to be in unison with bassline to create a 'B Section' with same notes.

Percussion (Floor Sticks & Bells): Looped & Quantized the strongest few bars. Remember to always listen critically to find your best takes both by themselves and with the entire Mix.

VocalsResampled  vocal line in Ableton Live's Drumrack to create an exciting new riff.

Ambiant Sound: Found a small section of fun and exciting background noise (@2:05-end) which I looped  that sounds something like someone saying "Oh Yeah". Remember to listen between the obvious takes, there you can find some of the most interesting and unique sound bites!

Bass and Synth: Selected new synth patches (using the 'Spire' synth) to blend better with the mix. Remember to back up your senssion 'save as' in case you lose the good sounding Patch.

PiccoloAdded some Delay and Reverb to create space and dimension to the sound in the mix. Also, used a Low Pass Filter (cutting all Frequencies above 12kHz) to remove harshness.