Salvation Army Summer Camp 2015: 'Africa'

Salvation Army Summer Camp 2015: ‘Africa’

June-August 2015

Group Sizes: 12-25

Number of groups: 6

Group age range: 5-12

Over the course of 10 weeks, we worked with six sections of students ranging from kindergarden to fifth grade as part of the ‘Africa’ themed summer camp. Each morning we started the lesson off with a short geography and culture lesson focusing on a different country. The students were blown away by rich history followed up by modernity of contemporary African music. They could easily draw parallels from the music videos they saw of new dance and club music to the imagery they’re used to seeing here in the states. We were able to show some short documentaries as well focusing on Kuduro (Angola), Tribal House (South Africa), and Azonto (Ghana).


The majority of the day however was focused on creating original music as a group. Being that the students were so young and often had little to no musical experience, the lessons were more broad and less technical. To engage as many students as possible, we encouraged dancing while working on the tunes.

Some of the areas of focus were rhythm and timing, lyric writing and song theme, beatboxing, DJing and effects, and for our final day, we had guest instructor Dende Macedo teach Brazilian drum workshop.

Lessons in mixing beats

Lessons in mixing beats